The Neural Coding®

Meet Dr. Amanda the creator of Dream Teams.

Neural Coding® Mind Hacks give your teams tools that work, instantly.

Your teams will leave the Creating Dream Teams Process with real tools they will use that day that will help them to;

  • Navigate a curveball and use a resilient mindset.
  • Know what has been holding them back from their true potential.
  • Have a new awareness of who they are and how they tick.
  • They will look at the bigger picture and lose any drama.
    Company first and department second thinking.
  • They will take responsibility for where they are and action to move them forward.
  • They will be having robust and honest discussions with other teams with a joint solution based thinking.

“ Never before have I done a course that is so transformative and touches both the personal and professional aspects of life so adeptly and completely. Having completed other personal leadership courses in the past I was surprised at how simple it is to absorb the concepts of Your Life Live It and put them into practice – it transcended my expectations. The tools we were given are so easy to use and help keep me focused and positive. Identifying what has been holding me back and overcoming it, developing my ‘anchor’ and identifying my personal anthem will certainly help me to regain focus, be bold in the face of challenge and take on whatever the world decides to throw at me. A form of resilience we all need at the moment. Within the first week of completing the Your Life Live It course I found the tools we learned helped me navigate a significant personal challenge, a professional one and do so with grace and strength – it’s my life and I’m living it my way being the best version of myself. Thank you. “

Georgina Torrington

Director of Sales & Marketing Brook Serene Hotel Management