Why Dream Teams™

Creating Unthinkable Change in any team starts with the individual.

Does your business need better teamwork, less drama, open honest robust conversations that focus on company first not department?

Do you want to have your teams all working together through joint values and core beliefs, ones they have created, agree on and believe in?

Dream Teams is an investment in your business wellness, it is transformational, results driven and creates a step in change performance.

It re-energises and connects your teams through an invigorating realignment of shared values and a shared direction.

Your vision will be the heartbeat of your organisation, your teams will live and breathe it.

Defend it.

Because they will own it.

“Few have spent as much time understanding and mastering techniques to replace hidden beliefs that guide us towards greatness or mediocrity than Dr.Amanda Foo-Ryland. Her approaches and insights have had a profound effect on my readers and myself personally.

Kaihan Krippendorf. Founder of Outthinker and Author of Driving Innovation from Within.

Creating Dream Teams Process

"I am passionate about creating simple change, giving people easy tools to make life easier, increasing productivity and the performance of your business.
Neural Coding® is fast and it lasts, in Creating Dream Teams we identify what holds people back, delete it and install what will make life easier for them."

Dr. Amanda Foo-Ryland

What exactly is Neural Coding®?

Would you leave your phone for a year without updating the operating system? What about your laptop for 3 years? If one of these was running a glitchy piece of software would you just leave it and hope for the best? No, because we need these vital pieces of kit to perform at our best.

So, why would you leave the most important supercomputer to sit with hardware that is outdated and misbehaving?

Neural Coding® deletes unwanted thoughts, behaviours and habits fast, and it lasts.




Solve the problem in 3 easy steps:

“Amanda has transformed our culture and people, and she comes with a 5-star recommendation – we completely trust her with our people. She is a true professional at every level. Amanda and her process is truly unique, fully evidence and science based.”

Guy Pope-Mayell Managing Director Cookie Time.

Creating open and honest communication minus the drama and finger pointing means your people can focus on what they are good at. It all starts with one person at a time.

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The Workshop

The Neural Coding® Tools

”I would say it is simply the best initiative that I have seen during my time at Cookie Time Limited.”

Phil Johnston Logistics Manager.

The Real Gold

The Investment

I want to know more
The Workshop

The Neural Coding® Tools

”I would say it is simply the best initiative that I have seen during my time at Cookie Time Limited.”

Phil Johnston Logistics Manager.

The Real Gold

The Investment

Georgina Torrington Director of Sales & Marketing
Brook Serene Hotel Management

Never before have I done a course that is so transformative and touches both the personal and professional aspects of life so adeptly and completely. Having completed other personal leadership courses in the past I was surprised at how simple it is to absorb the concepts of Your Life Live It and put them into practice - it transcended my expectations. The tools we were given are so easy to use and help keep me focused and positive. Identifying what has been holding me back and overcoming it, developing my ‘anchor’ and identifying my personal anthem will certainly help me to regain focus, be bold in the face of challenge and take on whatever the world decides to throw at me. A form of resilience we all need at the moment. Within the first week of completing the Your Life Live It course I found the tools we learned helped me navigate a significant personal challenge, a professional one and do so with grace and strength - it’s my life and I’m living it my way being the best version of myself. Thank you

John Etheridge Hotel Manager The George, Christchurch

“We were introduced to the Dream Teams concept by one of our guests who waxed lyrical about what Your Life Live It and its programs did for their company. After some discussion we took the leap of faith and engaged Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland. Right from the start we found Amanda to be professional, proactive, attentive through the whole process and full of enthusiasm. On completion of the two day ‘Dream Teams’ program we sought feedback from the team. Of the attendees some started with a little apprehension. There can be a tendency for employees to be sceptical about what motives lie behind such an initiative. The feedback we received was that quite quickly they realised that they could benefit personally from the program and though there could or would be a benefit to the company the aim was, to develop a happier and therefore more productive and cohesive team. We’re early days yet but all the indicators are extremely positive. Amanda continues to work with us to roll out the concepts in our business and ensure we reap the benefits. The power lies with us, and with our people and I think they see and feel that too.”

James General Manager Eichardt's Boutique hotel.

“WOW WOW WOW! My mental outlook has changed. With my first conversation back at work my word choice was different and it felt so right. Read the pages you suggested last night before bed. Got up this morning and I have the best buzz. Another WOW.! Big thank you to both of you.”

Phil Johnston Cookie Time Limited Logistics Manager

“I really believe that going through the Dream Team process has galvanised this team, going through the process together and agreeing on what we wanted our future to look like was revolutionary and incredibly empowering. The reset process was especially empowering and the timing couldn't have been any more ideal as we were ready to take steps to improve things for this team.”

Senior staff member Eichardt's Boutique Hotel

“An amazing experience, Amanda you are amazing, you drew me in straight away with your experience and insights and you reminded me that anything is possible in this world. This experience is Priceless!”

Phil Johnston Cookie Time Limited Logistics Manager.

“I know the team are fully behind this and have really gained and grown from the experience, overall I would say it is simply the best initiative that I have seen during my time at Cookie Time Limited.”

New Product Innovation Cookie Time Limited.

“The introduction of the Dream Team concept into the business has opened and strengthened lines of communication both within and across teams. People are now more comfortable in addressing issues that might otherwise have been ignored. It is nice to see everyone engaged in this and working together.”

Craig Haywood Director DESIGNbase

"At last we have conquered the frustration of getting our people on the 'same page Amanda have turned a daunting task into a joy within two days and transformed our chaos into clarity. Almost like magic she untangled our thinking and guided us to focus on the bigger picture." The hidden gem is aligning the vision, purpose and core values with the whole Team. The whole experience is simple and superb!

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